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Paper Wonderland

Monkey Pop Up Card

Monkey Pop Up Card

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Size: 15 x 20cm 

Packing Style: one card + one envelop + one cello bag

 Material: fine art paper


Inspiration for Monkey Pop Up Card

Monkeys in dreams symbolize instincts, deceit, intuition, betrayal, playfulness, immaturity, and childish behavior. They also remind us to nurture bonds with family and friends These dreams often indicate needing to remove negative things and people who represent a destructive influence from our lives.


Occasions for Monkey Pop Up Card

Monkey Pop Up Card is not just an adorable gift card but also contains meaningful messages. This card is perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, and ceremonies. 


Wood Frame +Paper Carving


Width: 16CM  Height: 21CM Depth: 5.3CM

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