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Goat Pop Up Card

Goat Pop Up Card

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Size: 12 x 12 cm 

Packing Style: one card + one envelop + one cello bag


Material: fine art paper


The goat may seem familiar and not special. But don’t let its humble look fool you. Goat’s intelligence might surprise you. Goats do show their affection. While they can't voice an “I love you!” as people, they use body language, eye contact, interaction initiation, and more to make it known they feel loved and they love you back. Goats can be affectionate towards humans.


Inspiration for the Goat Pop Up Card

So, we can say that the goat spirit animal is a symbol of faith and independence. A goat has also been used in many myths and legends and it was considered the symbol of vitality, sensuality, and health. Actually, the male goat symbolized virility, and the female goat was used as a symbol of abundance and reproduction.


Occasions for the Goat Pop Up Card

Goat Pop Up Card is a meaningful and unique gift for your family and friends. Especially for farmers!  This card is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and ceremonies.


Wood Frame +Paper Carving


Width: 16CM  Height: 21CM Depth: 5.3CM

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